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Tiny Steel Homes/Offices

Strong Steel Container Homes-Affordable *High wind Resistant* Ready in Weeks

Durable Low Cost Steel Homes With Low Maintenance

For $20,000 to $25,000 (starter model & if you own land) you live without rent or mortgage for the rest of your life

Modular Prefab Steel Homes

Modular Prefab Steel Homes

Modular Prefab Steel Homes

Modular Prefab Steel Homes

Over 15 designs to choose from-buyer may their provide their design

We build your dreams

Material Cost of Prefab Homes generally cost 30% of what you will pay in North America

Faster & easy Construction saves on labor cost and faster move-in time means more savings


TINY PREFAB HOME comes with one to three bedroom setup, Bathroom Toilet & Kitchenette Eco-Friendly *Affordable *Strong *Sturdy *Resistant to High Winds *Fire *Flood and Earthquake 95%

Withstands 180 mph winds, 120 lb/sq ft snow loads, seismic activity to 8.0 (single story)

  • Ready for use within days of arrival *Shipped anywhere in US, Canada - Worldwide
  • Prep work by a local Handyman or a Contractor for Foundation and hookups is recommended

Why Choose Us

Fully Customizable

Our plans are only for inspiration. We build custom homes, you may design every room, wall, window & door, every element of your home, so it’s perfect for you. If you can dream it, we can build it, No limitations of style, size, materials, location, foundation.

Strong, Smart, & Green

As a Custom Home Builder we manufacture your steel frame custom home inside, away from damaging weather, labor challenges, material losses, waste, & put it together in an environmentally friendly & energy efficient way possible.

Affordable & Hassle Free

No weather delays, advanced building process, we are a custom home builder and build steel frame modular homes, dedicated project manager from start to finish working with you. From turnkey solutions to easy to assemble DIY steel home framing kits.


Sturdy Homes start to finish display unit built in two days in front of office in Albuquerque NM USA. 8’w x 20’l x 9’9”h total 160 sq. ft space with full size bed, bathroom and kitchenette. Ductless split heat/cool air conditioning system. Tank-less instant water heater. Electric Induction two burner Stove. Skid proof ceramic tiles in bathroom. Vinyl flooring elsewhere.

About Us

Best for tight urban settings and rural projects, Sturdy & strong, quiet, energy efficient, Eco friendly horizontally expandable and stackable to 3 stories.

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